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Football whenever you want.

Joep and Kees. These guys started FC Urban in April 2017. 

FC Urban has been featured by Dutch media outlets such as:

Just fun games of football. Like the old days.

FC Urban provides a solution for all football lovers over the world who don’t want to be tied to a club. 

We make playing football as easy as going to the gym. Our members just sign up and come to our matches. We take care of the rest.

Our concept is the best of both worlds. The flexibility of individual sports, combined with the thrill and social aspect of a great football matches.

Football fans love FC Urban

At FC Urban we don’t do obligations or fixed hours. 
We just focus on organising well-balanced matches. Our members pick and choose which games to play.

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Weekly matches

Become an Urban Coach

The ideal opportunity to invite football (back) in your life

As an Urban coach, you host at least 1 football game per week at a set time. We pay for the venue and provide the players. You find the location(s), lead the game and enjoy the small community you have built.

Becoming an Urban Coach is not necessarily a full time gig, it can be done just fine alongside your job.

Of course Urban Coaches will be compensated financially.

Bring football to your city...

Here's how becoming an Urban Coach works

Becoming an Urban Coach is easy. The concept will mostly sell itself! Host your (first) FC Urban match in 3 easy steps.

You will be on a pitch socialising and playing football with friends and strangers sooner than you think.

Step 1

Sign up as an Urban Coach

Sign up as an Urban Coach by filling in the intake form. We’re mostly interested in your motivation to host your own match(es).

After receiving your intake form we reach out to you and see if we’re on the same page. Is everything clear and good from both sides?

Cool, let’s start organising your first match.

Step 2

Organise your first match

After step 1, we schedule a kick-off meeting in which we brief you on how to get your first match up and running. You’ll meet other coaches and you get everything you need.

From this point on you start as an Urban Coach and stay connected to FC Urban and fellow coaches though our FC Urban Slack channels.

Step 3

Play and host your own match(es)

With the toolbox, strategy and step-by-step instructions you get from us, your first match will be set up quickly. Your location is set and players have signed up.

Because of your efforts, from that moment on, weekly 5 to 5 matches take place and a new social group will emerge.

Needless to say you’ll be compensated for your help. Financially by us, and in gratitude by the players that you brought together.

So why be a coach with us rather than hosting your own?

We pay for the match location(s)

We supply all the materials

Get paid hourly + commissions

Use our software & marketing

Meet a coach

Pim & Matthiijs in Valencia

Pim & Matthijs were FC Urban Members originally. After leaving The Netherlands to live in Valencia, they both started organising FC Urban matches in Valencia. Now they’ve grown to 30+ matches a week. 

Ashley in London

Ashley was a FC Urban member in Amsterdam first. After moving back to his hometown London he missed FC Urban in his life and decided to organise his own matches. He managed to transform London to the third biggest FC Urban city.

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Hi, I’m Dave. Great that you’re interested in hosting FC Urban matches in your city! I would love to tell you more about it.

Fill in this form and we reach out to you by telephone shortly. 

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You could be the one introducing it to them.

Check out how Islam, a FC Urban member feels about being part of our club.

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