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the user account you created, which gives you access to FC Urban;


Terms and Conditions:

these conditions that apply when using FC Urban;



all data, information, and images made available by us or our licensor via FC Urban / the Website in the broadest sense of the word;


FC Urban:

the private company, FC Urban B.V., established and having its registered office in (1017AX) Amsterdam, at Singel 496-1, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 68439695;


IP rights:

all intellectual property rights and related rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, database rights, trade name rights and neighboring rights, as well as related rights such as rights to know-how and so-called single-line performances;



the Agreement between us and you for the use of FC Urban;



the FC Urban Platform, accessible via the Website, with which Urban Players can register via their Account for a football tournament on a Spot;


Privacy Statement:

the Privacy Statement of FC Urban, accessible via;


Urban Player / you:

the natural person who uses FC Urban;



the FC Urban Website, accessible via and all underlying pages;


  1. make procedural and technical adjustments and/or improvements to the Platform; and
  2. (temporarily) decommissioning or restricting the Platform or Account if, in its opinion, this is necessary, for example for preventive, corrective or adaptive maintenance and/or if you act contrary to the General Terms and Conditions. FC Urban informs you to the extent and as soon as reasonably possible of the temporary decommissioning of the temporarily limited use of the Platform / Account.
  1. that the condition of the playing field or the terrain or the weather conditions are such that they allow or not allow a game to be played;
  2. to stop a football match for any reason;
  3. on the suitability of the equipment of the playing field and the ball during a football match;
  4. to interrupt or not to interrupt a game due to nuisance from the audience or due to any problem along the playing field;
  5. to interrupt or not interrupt a football game to allow an injured Urban Player to leave the playing field to be cared for;
  6. to request that an injured Urban Player be removed from the playing field to allow care;
  7. to allow or deny an Urban Player to wear certain clothing or equipment; or
  8. any other decision that the referee may take by the rules of the game.
  1. reproduce, make public, resell, use for commercial purposes or otherwise make available to third parties the Content and other information, unless mandatory law permits this;
  2. reproduce, decompile or apply reverse engineering (reverse compilation and assembly) to the Platform, unless mandatory law permits;
  3. make use of tools other than those provided by FC Urban to search the Platform, use data mining, robots or other means to collect data or any software and / or hardware tools and / or solutions (in own management or made available by third parties), insofar as they are aimed at taking over Content, or to spider, scrape, search or use and / or access the Platform in any other way. ;
  4. to engage third parties to perform one of the actions stated in this article.
  1. reasonable costs that you should incur to bring FC Urban’s performance into line with the Agreement, unless you have terminated the Agreement;
  2. reasonable costs you incurred to determine the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as the determination relates to direct damage; and
  3. reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, insofar as these relate to direct damage.
  1. the Platform is accessible at all times and without interruptions, defects or disruptions;
  2. all football matches continue;
  3. the Platform is effective or that the use of the Platform results in certain results; or
  4. the Content provided via the Platform is correct, current and complete.
  1. errors in data transfer, failure or unavailability of computer, smartphone, tablet, data or telecommunication facilities, including the internet;
  2. creating backup copies of Content.