Kees From FC Urban

Kees From FC Urban

👋 We started FC Urban in 2017 with a dream: to make football more accessible and convenient with fun, friendship and the freedom to play.

It’s our goal to build the biggest football community in the world. We chose this goal with good reason – to help you be part of our dream and to play more football wherever you are and whenever you want.

So first of all we like to thank you for being part of our dream and being a building block of our strong football community. That makes us proud, so thanks a million!

We started small – on a park with a ball, bibs, goals and some mates. Since then our matches have multiplied and we are now active in four countries. As new friends continue joining, our fantastic football community is growing every day.

We want FC Urban to be the heart of a vibrant community of football players all over the world. We want to share our passion with you. We want you and all members of FC Urban to feel proud of being part of something amazing. So let’s bring this dream further as friends. Let’s play even more football and have more fun all over the world!

FC Urban Beanie

As an FC Urban member we’d also like to thank you with a gift. We’d like to offer you our FC Urban beanie hat for just  £ 5,- (just shipping and handling costs; normal price £19,99). If you decide to purchase this, you’d help us with two things: showing that you’re a proud FC Urban member and also helping us continue building the dream!

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