FC Urban European Champions League Knockout Tournament

FC Urban presents our very own FC Urban European Champions League Knockout Tournament

32 teams straight into a round of 32 knockout – we’ll stream every game live!

Only for Xbox users*

All teams will be assigned to you randomly – only 4 star Fifa teams will be used to level the playing field. Once teams are drawn, they won’t be changed.


£10/ € 12 – all proceeds will go into the prize fund!

1st prize – £250
2nd prize – £50
3rd prize (from winner of 3/4th play off) – £20


Games will take place every night from Wednesday 8th April 7:30pm – 9pm – you’ll be told your own kick off time so you don’t have to wait through other games. Draw will be arranged as soon as all the spaces have been confirmed and will be streamed live.

All matches will be 6 minutes per half.

Want to Join?

Sign up with the button down below to put your name down, your place will only be confirmed after you have sent the entrance fee payment. Reserve your place on Eventbrite and confirm with payment. *10 spots are reserved for FC Urban members* 

You will then be contacted by Ash (FC Urban London) and put into a Whatsapp group to finalise all the arrangements. 

You’ll also be expected to broadcast your game via Mixer (very easy and will be explained) for everyone else to enjoy!