FC Urban Winter


Dates & location

We arranged one of our most popular spots to be the location for this competition! Blauw-Wit Erasmuspark (Amsterdam-West)


• Competition starts at 13 december 2021

• Every Monday from 19:00 to 21:00

• At Blauw-Wit Erasmuspark near Westerpark in Amsterdam.

• We arranged two courts every Monday.

• We play on Astroturf (Kunstgras)



What is A Winter COmpetition?

The concept is simple. 10 weeks, 8 teams and one champion. Pick your team and play a match weekly agains other teams in your league. That’s all there is to it. We handle the rest.

If you don’t have a team, you can sign up as an individual and we find/create a team for you.

Sign now up now (Individual and team)

Amount of teams signed up
5 teams have signed up 62.5%

1. Sign up you and/or your team.

2. We reach out to you.

3. Complete the payment.

✓ We don’t do spam and value your privacy.

How big is the leAguE

We start off with 8 teams. Each team has 5 to 8 players who’ll compete in 5 vs 5 matches.

The winner will win the FC Urban Winter trophy.


Only with FC Urban

Analyse & level up your skills
Compare your stats to your teammates and other teams. Learn what kind of football player you are in a 10 week adventure that’ll test your skills.

Balanced teams
We work with multiple pools ton ensure every match-up is equal and well-balanced. Matches like that are the best!

Feel like a pro
Witness your own moves like never before as we take professional photos and videos from one of your matches.

competition with Friends or strangers

10 weeks competition with your own team of friends, colleaques, or sign up as an individual and let us find you a team.

We organise

We take care of the pitches, referee, stats and ranking. Also we make professional photo's and video's during your match

fun and healthy

What is the best football feeling you can get? Winning with your team. Play ranked matches weekly and let football be part of your daily routine.

important things to know

We keep the prices as low as possible. Typically price is around 6 euro / game per person depending on the league and size of your squad.

Only your team and your football shoes, we take care of the rest. 

Safety and fun is the number one priority in our leagues. Everyone has to go back to work the next day. 

We play on the Ice Hockey field and indoor spots in Amsterdam. More about the location soon.

We determine the district and match locations by taking in account the registrations we receive.

The matches will be played somewhere between 18:00 and 22:00 during weekdays. After all 8 teams have signed up, we select a weekday that is most suitable for everyone.


Join the FC Urban Challenge

Let's continue football!

Morning and weekend matches.

Due to government measures, all matches later than 17:00 are cancelled. We don't know for how long. That's why FC Urban is temporarily shifting to matches in the morning and in the weekends.

Fill in a three minute form and let us know when and where you would like to play! Let's continue football.

✓ It only takes 3 minutes and your data is safe with us.